Criminal Records in Washington

A criminal record can be devastating for employment , housing and accessing services.  Most people want those crimes off their records as soon as possible. When allowed by law, courts are often willing to help someone vacate their prior record and in some rare cases seal or expunge the record.  Courts, judges and attorneys often know that people make mistakes and deserve second chances.  However, the laws surrounding criminal records are constantly changing and vary by county and by court.

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Some surprising facts about criminal records:

Felonies and misdemeanors are removed by different sets of rules.  - You may still be able to get your felony vacated even if you received a misdemeanor crime after your felony conviction

You may only receive one misdemeanor record vacation in your lifetime

Some crimes have longer waiting periods for vacation - For example you have to be crime free for 5 years after your case is closed to vacate a domestic violence charge and you only have to be crime free for 3 years to get a theft or a non-dv assault vacated.

Judges have the final decision making power for vacating records. Therefore, it is a very simple process in some courts and incredibly complex in other courts.

Vacating your criminal record does not remove all of the conviction data associated with your charge. It is incredibly beneficial for housing and employment to remove these records, but they are still available on the JIS court computer system.

Some crimes, such as sex crimes, DUIs and class A felonies, can never be removed from a person's record. Unless the laws change, these crimes are stuck there for life.

Background check companies report crimes in very specific and different ways. In the age of google and social networks some people will always have access to your past. - But it is important that they have as little access as possible

Vacation of your criminal record does not restore your firearm's rights. It is a separate process that Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S. can also assist you with.




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